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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss USA Trivia

            It’s beauty pageant season once again and one of the most prestigious national beauty pageant is about to happen on May 16, 2010 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada – the Miss USA 2010 where 51 of the most loveliest faces across America will vie for the most coveted crown. Surprises will unravel as the events unfold leading to the finals and get ready to be blown away by the breathtaking ladies and most of the beauty watchers have their bets already. For the meantime, here’s some trivia and information you need to know about the 59 years of the pageantry.

          The Miss USA pageant was conceived in 1950 when Yolande Betbeze, winner of the rival Miss America pageant refused to pose for publicity pictures while wearing a swimsuit. Pageant sponsor Catalina decided to pull their sponsorship off the pageant, and create their own competition.

           John Charles Daly hosted the show from 1963–1966, Bob Barker from 1967 until 1987, Alan Thicke in 1988, Dick Clark from 1989–1993, and Bob Goen from 1994–1996.

          In the mid-1960s, it was established when a Miss USA wins the Miss Universe title, the first runner-up assumes the Miss USA title for the remainder of the year.

         Unlike the Miss America pageant, there is no talent section at Miss USA. Delegates are required to compete in Evening Gown, Swimsuit, and Interview.

         From 1979–2002, the average scores of each delegate were shown on the television broadcast and thus the semi-finalists could be ranked. This was changed in 2003 to a "circle" system where judges choose a certain number of delegates to "circle", and those with the most "circles" make the cut. This was the same system that was used prior to the "computer" scoring system implemented in 1979.
The most successful state is Texas, which has had the most semi-finalists and winners, including five consecutive Miss USA titleholders during the 1980s. Other successful states include California, New York, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. The least successful states are Montana, which has not placed since the 1950s; Wyoming, which has had only one placement, in the 1980s; and Delaware, the only state that has never placed. The only state which has produced more than one Miss Universe is South Carolina.

         The first Eurasian woman to win Miss USA was Mai Shanley in 1984, and the first African-American to win was Carole Gist in 1990.

         Five Miss USA titleholders have also competed at Miss America. These included Miss USAs 1954–1956 (Miriam Stevenson, Carlene King Johnson, Carol Morris), Mai Shanley (1984) and Shandi Finnessey (2004). All were unplaced Miss America, although Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA 2004 and Miss Missouri 2002 won a preliminary evening gown award at Miss America 2003. Also, Miriam Stevenson placed in the top 10 at Miss America 1954.

        Many Miss USA winners have gone to pursue careers in the entertainment industry. Those who have been successful in the industry include Summer Bartholomew, Deborah Shelton, Laura Martinez-Herring, Shanna Moakler, Ali Landry, Kenya Moore, Brandi Sherwood, Susie Castillo and Shandi Finnessey.
In the first eight years of competition (1952–1959) the Miss USA pageant was held in Long Beach, California. The competition moved to Miami Beach, Florida in 1960 and stayed there until 1971. In 1972 the pageant was held in Puerto Rico, the only time the pageant has been held outside the continental United States. That pageant was rocked by an explosion at the host hotel.

        Miss Pennsylvania USA 1978 admitted to host Bob Barker and viewers that her odd pet menagerie included a dog, a Cuban tree frog, and a water dragon named Godzilla, whose favorite show was, naturally, The Price is Right. Although Godzilla had free reign in her bedroom and liked to go shopping with her, her boyfriend nixed the idea of little Godzilla tagging along on dates.

        Carole Gist, Miss USA 1990, on being the first black woman ever to win the Miss USA title: "Nelson Mandela had been freed and I had a feeling in my heart from God that a black would win." ---To Cindy Adams
Bob Barker once called his job hosting the Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants, "a blind date with 83 of the most beautiful girls in the world."

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Sims 3 Images And The Stories Behind

A child is about to blow the candles for his birthday!

The screenshot of the community central park.

What if I made I burp after eating, is it improper to have such behavior and unethical during the meal? Well it's ok but I gotta rest, watch television because I am already full and after that, I will have my wonderful night dreaming.

He made a wrong statement and the pregnant lady is bloated after she finish her meal.

They are in panic because their sister is about to give birth and they must bring her to the hospital.

My Sims 3 Images And The Stories Behind

There are lots of dancing, singing, playing and swimming at the party all night. Some are so tired after that they pass out and stay at the party's host to sleep and stay for a few days. It looks like a concert but just a small gathering.

The girl was partly burned after she burnt cooking. This is her first time to cook and she's learning still. Good for her she was save before she become the toasted girl!

This guy is having fun dancing hip hop

Good angle to slap and hit someone who is thicken face and obstinate beat her up and go away.

These two evils are fighting again every hour of everyday except when they are sleeping. Not a day that they are fighting. They got sick when they dont fight or do wicked acts.

Monday, April 19, 2010

One Liner

    If there are lots of jerks and perverts in the Philippines, much worse are in Alimodian, Iloilo, Philippines. They are ignorant, illiterate cave dwellers with nasty breeding and upbringing. Talking of savage beasts and filthy animals? Only in Iloilo, a regrettable province and also in Alimodian.

One Liner

         ILECO 1 “touted as the best electric cooperative in the Philippines” cuts off suddenly the power supply and the whole ALEOSAN (Alimodian, Leon, San Miguel) area and the rest of the neighboring towns covered by ILECO 1 experiences total blackout for more than 12 hours without prior notice to the public. However, they are fast in collecting money, and threatening disconnection notices for those who could not pay their electricity bills despite of their poor service.
       The blackout is just a “power tripping” of this corrupt and rotten electric cooperative so that when the electricity returns, they can bolt in some cash in their vaults because sudden current flow can cause electric meter to a rocket high. This is another hall of shame for a rotten Filipino mentality.

My Sims 3 Videos

My Sims 3 Videos

My Sims 3 Videos

My Sims 3 pics and the stories behind

Hey beret man you are still in your uniform when you sleep.. take off your uniform first before snooze.. or maybe he is just fetish about it... oh well...
they are still talking when someone is drowsy. If they pass out, fun is over and party is worthless.
Two gay lovers sleeping together
Gay couple strikes back smooching in the garden.
This evil egomaniac social climber is trapped in his own disillusion only to die parched and famished.

Friday, April 9, 2010

One Liner

      We are spreading the message of sympathy for Maria Venus Raj and we are launching a signature campaign for returning the crown back to Maria Venus who is rightfully and deservingly the winner of the title without a substantial technicality for dethronement. We are asking beauty watchers from around the world to support the cause for Binibining Pilpinas Universe 2010 Maria Venus Raj.

Here's the link for the signature campaign. Count yourself in for the cause.


BPO Companies Review

            Business Processing Outsourcing or BPO is giving hundreds of thousands of Filipinos job opportunities. This is an in-demand job this decade and further. Outsourcing customer service and technical support services to foreign countries with cheap labor costs and operational expenses aims to maximize profits for the big firms and companies. Inasmuch as the other goal of the BPO is to help the unemployed, they also ensure quality, talented and skillful manpower at par with global standard to deliver an outstanding customer service and support by a standardized recruitment. However, in recent years, getting the job is like passing through a needle by stricter measures of scrutiny, screening and hiring. It becomes difficult to land a job in Makati, a financial district near Manila here in Philippines due to standard of hiring. Some of the Filipino recruitment specialist in a BPO Company rejects an applicant due to discrimination, envy of the applicant’s superiority over the recruiter based on his credentials and interview that they feel intimidated that one day the applicant will overthrow them or just plain crab mentality trying to pull down their fellow Filipino.
          What is more insulting to the injury is an organization here in the Philippines is trying to make business out of applicant’s job application in a BPO company. They propose to conduct a standardized call center examination for those who wish to work in a call center or BPO company and those who will pass will be recommended to a call center company but they will charge 500 pesos for each examinee. It is taking profits at the expense of these miserable unemployed individuals
          I once worked in call center companies and had applied in some of the big BPO companies and had some keen observation on them. I will give my reviews on some of the BPO centers and you will be the judge.

Sutherland Global Services - It is one of the emerging leaders in outsourcing based on outstanding customer service & support and clients employing the company’s service and hiring process is cool – you won’t have a hard time landing an inbound / outbound customer support because they are not looking for a corporate profile, Ph. D. or doctorate degree graduate to do the job as what most Filipino employer does. They are really looking for a doctorate degree or a successful entrepreneur. The downside is poor management or poor boss – subordinate relationship which they don’t usually give an employee a second chance to redeem himself and proves he’s worth it but instantly fire that person. Once you are fired due to poor performance and you’re given end of contract, you are eternally banned from applying and working again with Sutherland Global Services, Inc. One trick that most foreign companies employ here in the Philippines: since it is against the Philippine Labor Law, to fire an employee, they usually name the firing of an employee as a “resignation” to make it sounds legal. How clever, isn’t it?

People Support - This is one of the biggest call center in the Philippines but hiring employees is very rigid and exams were difficult and interviews requires prompt answers to some situations so you need presence of mind and they may sometimes require a reputable resume to boost their workforce. Their hiring is costly much more the nature of the job which requires multi tasking and superior logical skills as it involves complicated problem solving and several tasks you need to accomplish. Downside it needs to review and upgrade their employee compensation and benefits in comparison to the nature of the job.

Teletech – They have cool recruitment process and they seem to help a lot of unemployed Filipinos and the job is not too difficult and rigid to perform. Downside is poor compensation, benefits and environment.

ePerformax – a call center that most people believe don’t exist because of poor hiring since they only hire those who rings true to their guts and intuition is their basis for decision. No wonder only a few make it plus they have poor compensation, benefits and poor management.

        I observe that most ladies, who came from poor families living in shanties, slums and depressed areas, who work in Makati, Philippines speaks foul, nasty, offensive, absurd languages that has bearings on their background and character as a person are actually whores and sluts. They work in offices and graveyard shifts in call center but at the end of shift they sell their bodies to anyone. They look decent and professional working in the financial district but beyond those prim and proper lies a filthy animal out for a wild dare adventure. Ladies from other neighboring cities like Pasig and Quezon City who came from the middle and upper class doesn’t show any signs of nastiness, poor upbringing in words and actions.

Convergys – Also a big call center company and hiring is cool employing thousands of Filipinos in different cities in the country. However, it requires a multi tasking person and those who possess excellent logical skills because it involves tasks about problem solving & different operations. There are products or service too difficult to handle that only those who has the expertise can tackle.

To be continued…