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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 17

Barmaid Moira: ‎Where's the Nanny? Let's get these kids in bed so we can "Party"!

Trygve the Serf: Hobbit Battles!!! Let's get ready to Rumble...

Guard Marlin: Now, ladies and knight, I present you my sons, the little knights!

Soiree the Common Man: Tut, tut. Spare the rod and spoil the child: Where *are* these children's parents?!

Bard Roan: Where are the people around here. My performance is about to start.

Lindell the townsfolk: This rap battle is ON!

King Owen the Great: I know I said this place needed decorating, but you've gone too far this time!

Richard the Red Head: so what its pink it was you daughters idea

Bard Roan: Think you can withstand my stare. Lets start the staring contest. Whoever takes away stare loses and will give 1000 dollars pesos simoles and will treat me for a free snacks in the canteen and travel to Caribbean particularly St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands etc. and Europe most countries there.

Theodore the Wine Maker: Sure, lets get this endurance test begins.

Harlequin Jefferson: After a truly lousy performance the crowd was more than ready to do their part in feeding the pit beast.

Godfrey the Sly: Another bad contestant on "Kingdoms got Talent"

Knight Latiqua: I say! You there! Pay attention to me!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Miss Universe 2011: Online Votes To Decide One Of The Semifinalists

Miss Universe 2011 will never be the same again. It is true that's because online popular votes will decide one of the 15 or make it 16 semifinalists. This is a new system implemented by the Miss Universe Organization this 2011 when online votes will be counted. Votes coming from participating countries of the Miss Universe 2011 will be tallied and counted to see who got the highest rating and automatically advances to the semifinal round of the Miss Universe 2011. Our very own Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup will battle it out with other candidates for a slot in the semifinals. Let's keep our prayers and support her all the way through by voting her on Official Miss Universe website or NBC.com.Here is the news about MUO new online voting system for Miss Universe 2011 semifinalist.Online Vote To Decide A Semifinalist in Miss Universe 2011. More FAQs About New Online Voting To Decide A Semifinalists In Miss Universe 2011.Please vote for Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 16

Wizard Magus Spaniola: Wow, Watcher how do I look in here. This room is fabulous what can I say. I am dumbfounded now.

Wizard Magus Spaniola: I summon you the spirit of possessions, let me add some golden objects in my room!

Wizard Magus Spaniola: I will go now and check on that person if that spells works out perfectly on her and if she recovers from her illness.

Wizard Spaniola: I will rest first here in the shadows of this tree. All my energies were drawn out doing spells, making some potions and doing extensive research on new spells and potions.

Bard Roan: Oh mountain and the jungles provides the bounty that I need awesome piece of nature provide me with leisure!

Selena the Farmers Wife: Wow what a wonderful poem about hunting. I wish I could hear more

Life Is Beautiful Images

I admired, impressed and highly respected this image when the story about this broke out in the news. It shows 12-year old school girl Janella Lelis of Albay province in the Bicol region saving a Philippine flag from the ravaging flood brought by the heavy deluge of typhoon "Juaning" last July. This is the image of a new patriotism in the 21st century reminding us of the famous classic World War II picture of soldiers raising a flag in Iwo Jima, Japan. This picture here in the Philippines gives us a glimmer of hope that we shall never give up despite adversity and brave against all odds no matter how insurmountable it may seem because at the end of the day, no one knows what will happen or maybe there's a rainbow after a rain and a pot of gold can be found at the end of the rainbow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Life Is Beautiful Images

Cyrah Jane: You know what, Cherry Ann I have been to Spain and night life is fun. Lots of boys there. Its beautiful to live in Ibiza.

Cherry Ann: It's fine with me. I've been to Bahamas as well and it's fun. I love to stay there.

Cyrah Jane: Look at my hands, four. I visited four countries in Europe.

Cherry Ann: I still have to count how many places I visited in the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Cherry Ann: Horse, we are cute right?! Wide grin of course.

Horse: I agree I almost kiss both you. You are adorable kids.

I wonder if they are related in any way to Miss Universe 2008.
I took this picture in one of the beaches here in Iloilo, Philippines. I never expected to take a candid shots as natural and as memorable as this one. I post the following images here as part of the unforgettable images permanently etched in my memory.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 15

Wizard Spaniola: If one more person asks me to play Freebird I'm going to shove this bow up their nose!

King Kent Owen the Illustrious: What the?!How did you?!

Wizard Spaniola:The spell backfired okay?!

Guard Marcel: That poor dirty girl in her torn night shift, I should cover her but first I'll watch.

Magician Spaniola: OMG! that guard is sooo checking me out

Wizard Spaniola: I cannot believe I'm being forced to fiddle for my supper yet again!

King Kent Owen the Illustrious: Is this bard feeling OK? Should I throw him to the Beast's Pit of Judgment?

Magician Spaniola: They weren't kidding when they said they'll fry me if I fiddle my hit song Friday.

Guard Marcel: Rebecca Black, is that you?

Physician Heloise: Let us get the party started!

Wizard Spaniola: I think I have a pretty pose here for picture with a young goddess of harvest as my background, will you approve of this my watcher?

Wizard Spaniola: This a distant look of me showing more of the newly-renovated reception hall. Do I look good in here? Hopefully you have a good picture taken of me my watcher.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 14

Wizard Spaniola: My watcher, do I look good already in my pose?

This is the second phase of renovation of the reception hall also a banquet hall of the Kingdom of Scotland. If this renovations will be completed, the next renovation will be the throne room and reception hall of the Kingdom of Turks and Caicos.

Second look of the newly renovated reception hall of the Kingdom of Scotland

Mama always said you should take a bath and clean up before you go shopping.

Magus Spaniola: Does this dress make me look fat?

*Note to self: Get to shops way *before* the start of the Feast of Fools revelry and the annual Red Tag Sales!

Wizard Spaniola: They can come up with mud wrestling but not showers! Men!
BEST PARTY EVER!!! What was that guys' name again?

My Sims Medieval Images Part 13

Spy Mata Hari: I am spell bounded by you and you kept on watching me and my back now. What can I say?

Groom: I am also dumbfounded because I am still in awe looking at my beautiful wife. What will we do next?

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Finally, the ceremony finished and I will start my own sermon.

Peasants: Finally, they are now a couple now we shall go to the feast so we can eat a lot like a glutton.

Aramis the Bandit: Here is your glove, Knight Mark Adrian! It is very smelly and I like the foul smell. I almost pass out when I smell it. I want to take it, can I?

Knight Mark Adrian: Before you can take my possession, you must defeat me first in a duel. If you defeat me, it's all yours and I can take you for a snack in the canteen. If I win, I will take the gloves back and you will take me for an afternoon snack in the canteen.

Knight Mark Adrian: Here is for you, Aramis. Oops I almost hit your private parts there. Have you covered it with a thick shield?

Aramis the Bandit: That is the most vulnerable spot of me, don't hit it else I will feel ticklish. You are good and I will have a hard time defeating you.

Wow, there are lots of song requests from me by the officials of the Kingdom of Scotland. I will do these in a little while after my practice of the Divine Lute. I will please the kingdom so I can be promoted.

Here is full body picture of my wizard, Spaniola.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 12

Peteran Brother Prior Edison: So give me all your worldly possessions and jump into the pit monsters layer and through faith the Watcher will give you what you truly desire.

     Joe, could you move a little to the left? Perfect! Now everybody say cheese!

     Thank you for coming to Macarena class. The first step, everyone, is to put out your arms, like this...

Child Gilbert: I like the flowery statement of Brother Diego - persuasive, strong but charismatic. I will sing my praises to the watcher after hearing him.

Knight Mark Adrian: I am happy that I recently converted to the Peteran Priest and I know the watcher is pleased with my conversion and he will watch over me all the time.

Chandler Guy: You know what kid, Jacoban Priest Anselm exposed that the prince with steely, fearsome demeanor secretly admires Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and has many collections of memorabilia of these lovely artists and collection of dolls as well

Child Gilbert: Really! I missed Priest Anselm mass this morning and so miss the sermon. How ridiculous and shameful it is especially when the prince is present along with a lot of people hearing the mass

Spy Mata-Hari: What are you doing? Are you substituting Jacoban Priest Anselm in the pulpit for the sermon later?

Darren the Serf: Not really, I am just dreaming of becoming a good evangelist so I try to practice it here.

Spy Mata Hari: I am excited for our marriage, Darren. We will just wait for the officiating priest to arrive and have the marriage ceremony to start. I cannot wait any longer to be your wife.

Darren the Serf: Me too! I cannot wait to be your husband. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Mata Hari!

Herbalist Samer: I think I will read the Book of the Fools later because I am becoming stupid these days.

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: I hate it when weddings get in my way!

Under-spy Mata Hari: Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away
Beating like a drum and it's coming your way
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass. Yeah that's that super bass!

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: That's it! I'm sick of people getting married in church without an actual priest overseeing the ceremony! Watcher, with all due respect, you're driving your own followers to the grave!

Jacoban Priest Bernard James: Hurry up, finish sweeping that floor servant. The wedding has just started and you are not yet done with your cleaning. My assistant priest conducted the wedding ceremony so that I can rest for awhile. Good thing that the watcher allowed me to rest for awhile.

Officiating Priest: The wedding has just finished. You may now kiss the bride! Go forth and multiply. After you give birth spy Mata-Hari, do not forget to bring your baby here for baptism ok?

Philippines' Dragon Boat Team Wins Gold Without Government Support

Tampa, Florida - The Philippine Dragon Boat Federation win five golds at the just concluded 10th IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships held last August 3-7, 2011 at Tampa Bay, Florida, United States. The Philippine team named "The Dragon Warriors" dominated the competition winning the golds in the following events: 1000 meter men's event, 500 meter men's event, 500 meter mixed event, 200 meter men's event, 200 meter mixed event. In an astonishing world-breaking fashion that made their feat a headline back home, the accomplishment achieved by the team was made possible without the financial and moral support of the government but sponsored by private companies. They almost skipped the world championships this year in Tampa Bay where if not for the generosity of some private companies which came up with the substantial amount of money enough for them to participate in the event. The sad thing about the team is that they have modest meals sometimes with just green shells and rice and their family selling some scraps just to save and/or earn money for their trip, they also practice in the murky, toxic waters of Manila Bay but the most disheartening of all is that some of their team mates left them to join the rival group for lack of support or subsidy from the government. According to the Philippine Sports Commission, the national governing body for the national team of different sports, the reason why they do not support the team because it is not a recognized national team because they do not follow and abide by the sports commission and the International Olympic Committee rules and regulations but I was saddened by the reason of the dragon boat team that they do not abide by the rules is the sad reality that they are a victim of too much politics and corruption. They rather ask for sponsorships and help from private sectors because it is a sincere help and no strings attached in the donations. They are even forced to resign by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC)because they are overage and for other reasons stated by the PSC. These obstacles that they only take as motivations inspired every Filipino who learn about their story. They earn my respect and admiration because, braving against all odds, in the end they triumph over adversity. Again, Congratulations to the Philippine Dragon Boat Team!

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Sims Medieval Images Part 11

Prior Monk Edison: Come all, who are tired and bored the watcher is here to afford you happiness and rest for the day. Abandon all your sinful ways and return to church and pray for the watcher.

Fileo the Fishmonger: Wooahh, my pants were covered with dusts and mud after ascending and descending hills of mix dust and muds. I must behave properly because the Watcher is watching me right now and knows what I'm doing. He will punish me accordingly if I don't behave

Prior Monk Edison: Pray all those who are stricken by grief, sorrow and anxiety and do not worry for the watcher is with us.

Knight Mark Adrian: What shall I offer the prior, err... the Watcher I mean, I think I will give him flower during the offerings ceremony later

Heracles the farmer: I think I will be a good orator and public speaker myself. All I need to do is practice, practice and more practice. I am convinced that if Prior Monk Edison can win followers with his eloquence and enlightening words of wisdom, I will also become rich by making public speeches.

Prior Monk Edison: The reading now according to the Holy book says that we should behave properly else the Watcher will punish all of us because he knows what we think, what we do and where we live and everything about us. He might even send us into the pit of judgment as a punishment.

Under-spy Mata Hari: You are now dead my bandit boy. I will throw your body into the pit of judgment so that the starving beast will tear your flesh and devour you.

King Kent Owen the Great: Good job, spy Mata-Hari! You will soon be rewarded for your efforts to maintain peace and security in our kingdom. Why don't you play with me in the throne room to relax you for awhile. We will play monkey monkey with the cards with just some cents for bets.

Prior Monk: The Watcher knows the thoughts of sims! the Watcher knows that in this very crowd someone is plotting to poison me!

"Thanks to the Watcher's bless, I am now able to predict the future, now believe in me and I shall see your future! You there, Sir Lothario! I see your future, your descendant seems to be in a strange house, he is in a strange little bubbling pond with a red headed lady, and then he..... let's skip this part shall we?"

   Lady Langerak! I can also see your future, your descendant is in a clothing market with Sir Lothario's descendant, she is wearing an unusual strange dark and light outfit with light cloth crown. It looks like Sir Lothario's descendant is going to try his new clothes, and your descendant seems to be going into the small box with him, and then they..... let's skip this part shall we?

My Sims Medieval Images Part 10

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: Let's start this duel the diminutive under spy Mata Hari. If you are good enough, then we will see. If you win, you will have all of my properties including my wife and children at the same time you can shave my head, shave as well my arm pit hair and wax my body hairs from my chest down to my legs including my private parts and also you can pluck all of my nose hair as a punishment. If I win, I will take you as my wife. You will go with me in my piracy campaign around the shores and ocean of Cyprus. You will then serve me as your husband and master because you will be my slave!

Underspy Mata Hari: No more talk stupid cunt. Let's get ready to rumble!

Underspy Mata-Hari: Oops.. Time out first. I need to eat my snacks and drink my energy drink for my recess. Snack time now! Let us enjoy first our snacks before we continue our duel. You can buy your snacks there at the nearest convenience store.

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: Sure, sure. What will I eat, sandwich, pizza or frankfurter? and my drink? ah soda!

Grim reaper: Under-spy Mata Hari, you killed the man and he is mine now. I want to be his wife in the underworld. His soul will be with me shortly and I will take him as my husband.

Under-spy Mata-Hari: Sure, take him as yours. Don't need him here. This man is a pest troubling and disturbing the natives of this kingdom.

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: What happened to my sword? It swung as if it is dancing. I can't believe my sword fell in love with the sword of Mata Hari and now it cant fight her sword anymore because my sword is so weak in love with her sword. Hey sword, we need to fight her because I want her so bad and I need to loot Cyprus ships around the shores here to fulfill my own dream of building my own kingdom.

Precise scimitar sword: Sorry master, your evil must come to an end and also I am so weak to fell in love with great long sword of spy Mata Hari. I will marrying him.

Under-spy Mata Hari: hahahaha.. His sword is a female and weak enough to fell in love with my sword. It's my chance now to defeat this cunt and dork.

Great Long sword: Wow I am very handsome. I wonder how it feels like falling in love with someone. I don't know the feeling since I am cruel and bloodthirsty.

Under Spy Mata Hari: You're done my boy! Now you need to give me all your properties including wife and child.

Patrick the Aarbyville bandit: Sure, don't worry about it, I will surrender them all to you in soon. Just give me enough time to surrender these things to you and I shall leave this kingdom and travel to far away place where I will no longer loot ships of their properties and wealth but start my own business with my meager money as a capital

Kent Owen the Illustrious: Well done, underspy Mata Hari! You will be rewarded for your courage. Because of you, our ships traveling and trading with other kingdoms will now have a safe voyage to and from our kingdom of Cyprus. You will also enjoy a lot of benefits including travel to the Caribbean Isles like Bahamas, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica and Puerto Rico and at the same time Europe and Ibiza in Spain.