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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Watchful Eyes Miss USA 2015 Pre-Arrival Picks

         The 64th Miss USA 2015 will be returning to the red stick and bring back the festive mood back to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana where it will be held on July 12. Fifty-one (51) contestants representing the 50 states and the District of Columbia will battle it out for the crown of Miss USA 2015 and to represent the United States at the Miss Universe 2015 at a venue and specific date to be announced by the Miss Universe Organization. The reigning Miss USA 2014 and Miss Universe 2014 1st runner-up Nia Sanchez of Nevada will crown her successor at the end of the event. 
         Meanwhile, before the ladies hit the stage and compete for the title, photos of the 51 ladies surfaced on the web and the pageant fans and pundits including myself cannot help but make their own favorites or bets for the crown before their arrival and even before they compete. Here is my own list of pre-arrival favorites for the crown. These ladies whose timeless and effortless beauty, natural elegance and personality in the pictures captured my attention most. So here goes my early favorites for Miss USA 2015!

1. Texas - Ylianna Guerra 

2. Oklahoma - Olivia Jordan 

3. Virginia - Laura Puleo

4. Idaho - Claira Hollingsworth 

5. Vermont - Jackie Croft 

6. District of Columbia - Lizzy Olsen 

7. Colorado - Talyah Polee 

8. Florida - Ashleigh Lollie 

9. Massachusetts - Polikseni Manxhari 

10. Wisconsin - Haley Laundrie 

11. Arizona - Maureen Montagne 

12. Maryland - Mame Adjei 

13. Kentucky - Katie George 

14. Ohio - Sarah Newkirk 

15. Mississippi - Courtney Byrd 

16. Louisiana - Candice Bennatt 

17. Missouri - Rebecca Dunn 

18. Tennessee - Kiara Young 

19. Pennsylvania - Elizabeth Cardillo 

20. North Carolina - Julia Dalton 


Miss USA Official Website

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Watchful Eyes Mr. Gay World 2015 Pre Arrival Favorites

Mr. Gay World 2015 will take place from April 27 - May 3, 2015 in Cape Town and Knysna in South Africa with the finals happening in Cape Town. More than 20 countries representing the gay community around the world will compete for the title and will serve as an ambassador of goodwill for the gay community. Last year's winner is Stuart Hatton, a dance instructor from New Castle, United Kingdom.

Meanwhile here's Watchful Eyes of a Silhouette Top 10 Pre-Arrival Favorites:

Spain - Jesus Martin Marquez 

Uruguay - Luis Jorge Vicente 

Hong Kong - Emmanuel Mass Luciano 

Colombia - Jorge Alberto Escribano Pelaez 

Sweden - Antoni Jungberg 

Cuba - Leonardo Piloto Gonzalez 

Czech Republic - Daniel Frohlich 

Australia - Scott Fletcher 


Italy - Arziom Cristofaro 

Iceland - Troy Michael Jonsson


Mr. Gay World Organization Inc. official website

Photo Source:

Missosology Portal

Friday, April 10, 2015

World Cities Nicknames and Labels

Here are some of the world's cities nicknames and labels:

Algiers, Algeria - Paris of North Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - means "New Flower"
Baghdad, Iraq - Most Romantic City of the Arabian Nights
Baltimore, Maryland, USA - First Catholic City in the US
Bangkok, Thailand - Venice of the East
Beijing, China - The Forbidden City, City of Cities
Benares, India - Holiest City of India
Berlin, Germany - Formerly divided city of Germany
Bruges, Belgium - City of Bridges
Budapest, Hungary - Minneapolis of Europe
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Largest City in Latin America
Damascus, Syria - Oldest City of the World
Geneva, Switzerland - Seat of International Conferences
Hammerfest, Norway - Northernmost Town in the World
Holyoake, Massachusetts, USA - Paper City of America
Java, Indonesia - The Garden Island
Jerusalem, Israel - Oldest Holy City of the World
Khartoum, Sudan - means "Elephant Trunk" 
Kethikan, Alaska, USA - World's Salmon City
Lima, Peru - City of the Kings
London, England - Third Largest City in the World (after New York and Tokyo)
Madrid, Spain - where Dr. Jose Rizal studied medicine
Mecca, Saudi Arabia - Holiest City of the Muslims
Mumbai, India - Largest City in India
New York City, USA - America's Greatest Seaport and Financial Center
Pagan, Myanmar - City of Four Million Elephants
Paris, France - City of Lights, famous for its Eiffel Tower, one of the tallest in Europe
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - City of Brotherly Love
Pisa, Italy - famous for its Leaning Tower
Prague, Czech Republic - City of Hundred Towers
Rome, Italy - Eternal City, City of Seven Hills
Tokyo, Japan - one of the most richest and thickly populated city in the world
Tronsoe, Norway - Capital of the Arctic
Vancouver, Canada - Canada's Gateway to the Pacific
Venice, Italy - famous for its gondolas, Queen of the Adriatic
Vienna, Austria - Queen of the Danube

Photo Source: 

Travel Destination, http://view71.com/eiffel-tower-at-night-paris-france-wallpapers-hd-wallpapers/eiffel-tower-at-night-wallpaper